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When most individuals hear or think of  “dentists”, they think of mouth x-rays, teeth cleanings and braces. What they don’t consider is that their oral hygiene specialist can also provide them with surgeries and suggestions in regard to other disorders such as snoring and sleep apnea. Snoring and other airway obstructive disorders are more than just annoying. They can be quite devastating to your overall health and wellness. Various sleep disorders affect roughly 70 million Americans on a nightly basis, and an estimated 25% of those people are affected by snoring. Without the benefits of a restful night’s sleep, you run the risk of developing chronic fatigue, lowered immune system response, brain fog, weight gain, depression, and even some severe cases have found lack of sleep can encourage the development of diabetes and certain strains of cancer.

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There are many new studies that have shown great potential in the field of dentistry. One of the latest technological advances is the development of Oral Appliance Therapy. Basically, a small device is created individually for the patient to fit nice and securely in the mouth while you sleep at night. Out of the three different classifications of sleep apnea, this alternative approach is the most effective against obstructive sleep apnea, since this classification is caused most by the tongue obstructing the airways, which in turn, can cause gasps or sudden jolts from your body to wake you up enough to take a proper breath. This creates a lack of REM sleep, which is when your brain stores away information collected throughout your day. This is how obstructive sleep apnea can cause symptoms like memory loss which can affect daily activities such as work or athletics. Creating a device to hold your tongue in place while you sleep makes this therapy a fantastic alternative to CPAP for individuals with light to moderate obstructive sleep apnea, however we urge those with severe cases of either obstructive or central sleep apnea (or a combination of the two) to keep using their CPAP machines, as that technology is the most beneficial to your health and safety. One sleep study Fayetteville, AR specialists conducted showed that in 60% of participants, their quality of life was improved by the application of oral appliance therapy.

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Epic Dental partners with local northwest sleep center facilities to make absolutely certain that each individual looking to explore their options when it comes to relying on all your healthcare experts to solve your sleep problems and to ensure he or she receives the customized application of treatment which is designed to cater to your sleep related needs. Northwest sleep center partnerships help by providing several healthcare practitioners, including but not limited to family doctors, counselors, and, of course, your dentist. If you think a sleep study can help , contact us for a consultation.

Nothing is more important to us than the comfort and safety of our patients which is why we strive to always improve our methods. 

We are up to date on all the latest advances in dental implants and always seek out more innovative ways to help our patients. Our staff are well trained on periodontics and odontology and are excited to offer their expertise to the Northwest Arkansas area.

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