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Dental Implants using 3d technology

Utilizing our CBCT technology, we are able to create a 3D X-ray of your teeth.  Not only does this let us diagnose things that can be hard to see in traditional 2-Dimensional X-rays, it also allows for us to precisely plan out where your implant will be placed.  This information also allows us to create a surgical guide to make sure that your procedure is painless and helps ensure great results, both for aesthetics and function. 

It has always been a struggle for some dentists’ offices in the past to communicate on a two dimensional x-ray exactly what they are wanting to do for their patients but with this new technology, communication is smoother than ever.  Nothing is more important to us than the comfort and safety of our patients which is why we strive to always improve our methods.  This technology is also useful in periodontics and finding out more about a patients gum activity as well. 

We are up to date on all the latest advances in dental implants and always seek out more innovative ways to help our patients. Our staff are well trained on periodontics and odontology and are excited to offer their expertise to the Northwest Arkansas area. 

Periodontics is the dental specialty focusing exclusively on inflammatory disease that destroys a persons gums and other supporting structure systems around teeth. Epic Dental specializes in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of gum disease, and is highly trained in the placement of dental implants.

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